Esme Louise is an independent jewellery brand growing up in the North.  She's young, luxe with a touch of sass.

As a brand we are obsessed with bringing you luxury jewels designed for everyday wear, making your day that little bit brighter..

 Our pieces are perfect for layering to give you the opportunity to create your own look and let you rock your personal style .

The EL girl..

She's quietly confident , effortlessly chic and allows beauty to shine through everything she does.

She's the modern woman,  a dreamer, a goal-getter. Who's not afraid to show the world what she has to give. A free spirit who loves the finer things in life and knows her own worth.

She always buys less, chooses quality. 

Brand with a Conscience

With confidence , you can turn your dreams into reality. We truly believe this and want to help every woman feel like this. We want to do our part and help women feel true to themselves. Each piece sold , 10 % of profits is donated to Smart Works to help women get back into work.

Keep an eye out for our SW necklace coming 2019..all profits will be donated to the charity.

The woman behind the brand

                    "Just a Yorkshire lass that decided to go for it"    

When I Founded Esme Louise I wanted her to become more than just Jewellery.. I had the drive to create something which had meaning and positive effects on the wearer. Women should feel confident in what they wear, in themselves and in every aspect of their lives" Jewellery is another way to express your personal style - giving you that confidence to show off your beauty - inside & out.

Want to step into Esme's life and see what it takes to bring a brand to life ? 

Follow the journey on Instagram, I would, we get up to loads of fun..

Inspire & Empower one another ladies-  we are better together."

 We are really only just getting started...."

Join me on our journey ..

          'Creating Something Beautiful '