• Image of Zoe {Pre - Order}
  • Image of Zoe {Pre - Order}

Zoe is a mother figure with any effort , she's caring and always your go to for advice. Stuck on a problem or just need to hear her say that everything is going to be okay. These babies are a must for your ear game & life.

Wear these to hoops to bring the calm back into your life whilst not talking life too seriously.

Our dainty pearl sits effortless on 16k gold filled wire. a perfect everyday hoop. choose your size and go a little bigger if you dare..

Please note this is a PRE- ORDER piece. Up to 25% discount has been taken off - now is your time - take it! Full payment will be taken to secure your chosen jewels with all its extra perks. Zoe will be sent out to you on June 30th or a little sooner if you're lucky.

As a thank you for your patience this piece will come accompanied with a beautiful gift and limited edition packaging. Updates will be given via email throughout the wait - you won't be left in the dark!

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