• Image of Jessica
  • Image of Jessica

The Jessica hoop are a babe to be around. She tells you how it is and gives you that extra bit of confidence when in need.. A pair of hoops like these are a must have in your life.

16k Gold Hoops with our signature heart hanging loose. The deep red will make any outfit pop. Wear Jessica to keep you confidence high and your ear game strong. A little reminder to love the little things in life and bring gratitude for the love that surrounds you.

Please note this is a PRE- ORDER piece. We have up to 25% discount off the retail price - now is your time - take it! Full payment will be taken to secure your chosen jewels with all its extra perks. Jessica will be sent out to you on June 30th or a little sooner if you’re lucky.

As a thank you for your patience this piece will come accompanied with a beautiful gift and limited edition packaging.

Updates will be given via email throughout the wait - you won't be alone in this.

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