• Image of GABRIELLE
  • Image of GABRIELLE

This chick loves the simple things in life and appreciates the women that came before her, everything she does is lead by her big heart.

When you spend time with Gabrielle, you will noticeably feel a lot lighter whilst in her presence. She's radiates empathy and truly listens to what you have to say.

Wearing Gabrielle will remind you of your value and shine a light on those gifts that you have to share, find what lights you up and keep doing that.

She loves to dress up but equally appreciates that time to reach charge, get cosy and make a house a home. Think freshly baked cakes , a cup of tea with a classic novel.

Two big beautiful pearls framed in a vintage style 16k gold lattice. Dropped from our signature hook so you can wear with ease.

Please note this is a PRE- ORDER piece. Up to 25% discount has been taken off - now is your time - take it! Full payment will be taken to secure your chosen jewels with all its extra perks. Gabby will be sent out to you on June 30th - if not before !

As a thank you for your patience this piece will come accompanied with a beautiful gift and limited edition packaging. Updates will be given via email throughout the wait - you won't be left alone!