• Image of FAY

Fay is the kindest sole who will alway think of others before herself. She bring so much love to people close to her however sometimes she forgets to give herself some in the process.

Wear the beautiful fay to add elegance to your outfit whilst reminding you the importance of self love & acceptance should be a priority.

A beautiful Rose Quartz crystal framed in 16k Gold Vermeil ( Gold plate over silver ) Please do keep in mind as the crystal colour could vary due to it natural form.

The Rose Quartz crystal is one crystal we believe every woman should own . The ultimate stone of love. She opens the heart, restores self esteem and allows our emotional wounds to heal.

The rose is accompanied by your choice of a 16 inch /18inch 18k gold filled chain.

Please note this is a PRE- ORDER piece. Up to 25% discount has been taken off for a limited time only { ends June 2ND} - now is your time - take it! Full payment will be taken to secure your chosen jewels with all its extra perks. Fay will be sent out to you on June 30th - a little sooner if you’re lucky!

As a thank you for your patience this piece will come accompanied with a beautiful gift and limited edition packaging.

Updates will be given via email throughout the wait - you won't be in this alone.

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