• Image of Alexandra {Pre-Order}

Alex is an adventurous soul. She loves her basics and rocks them. Travels light but always has everything she needs.

We believe every gal should have a pair of threads in her jewellery box.

80MM Threads.

Sterling Silver Chain plated in 16k Gold. The perfect every day pair. Layer your ear game and wear in your seconds to compliment a pair of hoops or style them solo. Your call babe.

Please note this is a PRE- ORDER piece. Up to 25% discount has been taken off - now is your time - take it! Full payment will be taken to secure your chosen jewels with all its extra perks. Alexandra will be sent out to you on June 30th - if not before !

As a thank you for your patience this piece will come accompanied with a beautiful gift and limited edition packaging.

Updates will be given via email throughout the wait - you won't be left in the dark!

Coming Soon