We love our pieces & want you to love wearing them for years                  to come.. Welcome to the EL care guide 101.

Jewellery should be worn and loved but it also needs a little TLC from time to time to keep the gals looking their best - don't we all.

    This guide is here to show you how...


Every gal needs to own a silver polishing cloth. If you don't you should go buy one .. 

This fella will become your best friend. We suggest getting one with an anti tarnish as this works wonders on your pieces. It also protects them against tarnishing for longer too.


925 Sterling Silver will tarnish - it's inevitable BUT totally fixable. (It's to do with the other 7.5% alloy - google it)

To prevent it from happening for longer..

  • Find a cute box to store your precious pieces in to keep away from moisture in the air.
  • Try to keep your sterling silver pieces seperate  from other base metals (e.g. copper ) as this will increase the chance of tarnishing.
  • Avoid contact with water & keep dry

What to do when it does tarnish...

There are many factors as to why silver tarnishes, a few are..

  • Air (moisture)
  • Oils in skin ( everyone reacts differently)
  • Dampness
  • Contact with sulphur ( shout out to y'all living in Rotorua - you will totally understand)

No fret it's easily fixable.

  • With luke warm water & a mild soap (washing up liquid will do just fine) gently brush the tarnished piece. ( EL Tip - We suggest using a baby toothbrush as it's softer and won't scratch the piece)
  • Once you start to see the silver come back to life, dry the piece thoroughly with a paper towel.
  • Now grab that trusty polishing cloth of yours and polish to your hearts desire. You will have that diamond cut sparkle back in no time! (EL TIP - don't ever wash your polishing cloth, it will take away his goodness)


Be gentle. As much as we like to believe our pieces are well made, the EL designs are still beautifully delicate . Therefore - please don't treat them mean.


  • shower in them
  • sleep in them
  • play sport in them


  • make sure they are the last thing you put on, first thing to take off.
  • Store them in your cute jewellery box when not wearing.
  • Rotate the days you wear your jewellery so each piece gets the love they deserve.
  • Polish them regularly - ( EL TIP - when you wash your makeup brushes, do your jewellery too .)


Sadly, awful things do happen from time to time..Esme Louise will happily repair any manufacturing fault that may occur within 6 months of purchase at no cost to you.

  • proof of purchase is needed
  • please email hello@esmelouise.com


Enjoy wearing your EL Jewellery - we totally enjoyed making it! If you have any other questions on caring for your jewellery please don't hesitate to ask.. flick us an email to hello@esmelouise.com

P.S don't forget to snap a selfie & use the hashtag #esmelouise so we can spy your elgirl look.