"Just a Yorkshire lass that decided to go of it"

Originally from the UK,  now living like a kiwi in Wellington - NewZealand. Esme Louise first travelled to NZ back in 2013. With no intentions , no passions & a suitcase full of stuff she wasn't even sure she needed.

"All it took was a night in a tent , with a field full of sheep, somewhere in NewZealand.  ..I was inspired! "

After a year she travelled back to the UK and founded Esme Louise.

 "With no jewellery knowledge or degree I guess you can say I kinda winged it to begin with & honestly.. I still am at times. I enrolled onto an evening class to learn the basics of jewellery design,  put pen to paper and started creating. I loved it! "

 2016 was the year she moved back to NZ - This time full of intentions & enough passion to fill that suitcase twice over..

This was when things really started to pick up for the brand. A year in & you can now find the "Original Collection" in multiple stores in NewZealand & her pieces worn by EL girls worldwide.

"When I Founded EL in 2015. I wanted her to become more than just Jewellery.. I had the drive to create something which had meaning and positive effects on the wearer. Women should feel confident in what they wear, in themselves and in every aspect of their lives" Jewellery is another way to express your personal style - giving you that confidence to show off your beauty - inside & out.

Inspire & Empower one another ladies-  we are better together."

"I have so much more to learn and so much more to give. We are really only just getting  started...."

Join me on our journey of..

          'Creating Something Beautiful '